Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Witness Blog Tour

 Book Summary:  My name is Marwan Accad.  Accused of a crime I did not commit, I am on the run.  I am hunted.  I am alone.  I am The Witness.

Clients like Rafeeq Ramsey were the reason Marwan Accad launched his executive security business.  Old, wealthy beyond imagination, and terrified, Ramsey is willing to pay whatever it takes to rescue his kidnapped wife.  But just as Marwan shows his client evience that could crack the case wide open, Ramsey is gunned down by sniper fire.  Marwan narrowly escapes with his life, leaving a trail of dead assassins from Monte Carlo to Morocco.

The main suspect in Ramsey's murder, Marwan is now on the run from every police force in Europe and North Africa.  No matter where he turns, more assassins are on his heels, thrusting those he loves in danger - or worse.  What troubles him most is that no one was supposed to know he was working for Ramsey or what he had uncovered.

As he races against time to find his pursuers and their motives, Marwan soon discovers the conspiracy runs deeper than he ever suspected.  With no one he can trust and his face on every major news bulletin across two continents, he disappears into the crowds of Cairo to plan his next move.  It is there that he meets the beautiful Dalia Nour and is confronted with a truth that will change his life forever.

My Review:  The only book of Josh McDowell's I've ever read was A Ready Defense so I was interested to see his "take" on fiction writing.  I was not disappointed.  Josh McDowell outdid himself on this one.  Even though it was hard to keep track of action at times because so much was going on, it kept my curiosity peaked to see what would happen next.  As Marwan Accad was being chased across Europe and North Africa, I wondered if he would be caught, how he was going to get away, and if he would ever figure out who tried to assassinate him.  There were a few things Mr. McDowell put in the book that I wasn't sure I liked, but, when I remembered Marwan was not a Christian, they were understandable.  I liked how Dalia played into Marwan's development and the twist and turns at the end.  All in all, The Witness is a wonderful book that I highly recommend.

This book was provided by Tyndale House for review.

Josh McDowell is an internationally known author and speaker.  He's written more than one hundred books - including the best-selling More Than A Carpenter and New Evidence that Demands A Verdict - with over forty million copies in print.  Visit his website at

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Patience said...

Great review for Josh Mcdowell. I saw him speak at a Christian conference and love his book "More than a Carpenter." This book looks really good!

Anyways, Can I send you a free copy to review? It is SCARS: An Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel and about a girl who goes through the tribulation.
The publisher is Spring Harvest and is available at Amazon.

Patience Prence