Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy Day

My busy day started early. Mike had an early meeting so he was up and out the door long before his usual time. After I got ready, it was time to get the kids dressed, fed and out the door to take Hannah to school. My Moms group starts at 9:30 so the boys and I drove straight there, as it is across town at our church. During the meeting, Melanie called. Nathan was feeling sick and she asked if I could get him and take him to the doctor. The drive from church to pick-up Nathan is a LONG one. Since my two hadn't had lunch, we made a quick stop by Chick-fil-a to eat. Then it was off to the doctor. We were there about an hour and found out Nathan has strep throat. Hannah's school was letting out so we made a bee line there to get her. I remembered that we were completely out of milk so we went by Sam's to pick some up. Once we got home, the kids did their homework and I worked on the computer. The next thing I know, Melanie was here to get Nathan and it was time to fix dinner. After dinner, time to get Hannah and Will to bed. Andrew took a late nap due to all the busyness of today and didn't get up until after 7 p.m. He was wired for sound until he finally crashed about 10:30.

Now that it is quiet, I think I might enjoy some time watching t.v., snuggling with Mike then heading to bed myself. Ohh, I forgot to make Will's lunch and change the clothes over from the washer to the dryer. There are also the dinner dishes that need to be finished. I guess it will be another late night to go along with my busy day. Oh well.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Aftermath of a Tornado

A warehouse at Stateline Road and Airways Blvd.
Cooper Lighting at Airways Blvd.
Cooper Lighting damage

Cooper Lighting damage
Another warehouse down the road from Cooper Lighting
A warehouse at Stateline Road and Airways Blvd.
Here are some pictures of the tornado that came through here on February 5th. It hit some warehouses about a mile and a half from our house. These pictures were taken three weeks afterwards. You can still see all the damage that was done. It was by the grace of GOD that NO ONE was killed.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Today we had a visit from Papaw and Mama Joan. They drove down to visit and to pick up their trailer. They let us use it to get the t.v. cabinet. The kids love to see their grandparents, and I know the grandparents love to see the grandkids. The kids went outside to play while the adults visited in the kitchen. It was nice getting to spend time with them and talk a bit without a lot of interruptions.

The trailer was parked in front of the house in the grass. It was too tall to park under the carport, so we just left it where it was after unloading the cabinet. Papaw's truck couldn't get traction to move the trailer so Mike towed him out to the driveway. It was hilarious to see our minivan towing a diesel truck and trailer. I wish I had had my camera ready. It was a sight to see.

When Dad and Joan first arrived, we met them for lunch. As we were leaving, Hannah and Will got balloons. On the ride back to the house, Andrew got ahold of one of the strings. He had a field day playing with the string and balloon. When Hannah and Will went to bed, Andrew found the balloons again (Hannah had them in her room). He had fun shaking it and pushing it around. The simple things are often the most fun.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Tonight, while getting our videos out to put in our new cabinet, I ran across one from many years ago. My step-father, Bob, was always setting up his video camera to record our family events. This tape has my mom's 40th birthday party and some video of our dogs. Watching it brought back some great memories. There were only a few people and our dogs Brandy and Pappy at the party. We all had fun cutting up and laughing. Brandy and Pappy have been gone a long time now, but the memories of them are still strong. I love to tell Hannah and Will stories about them and the silly things they use to do. Brandy LOVED to ride motorcycles. Pappy had a very unusual bark. They loved to play tug-of-war with some blue jean legs. Mom cut off a pair of jeans and tied a knot in the legs. The dogs loved to play with it over the rope toys we bought them at store. While Pappy and Brandy would play tug, Pappy would start barking at Brandy without letting go of the blue jeans. Brandy would just growl at him. It was hilarious!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hannah is playing basketball.

This is our new t.v. cabinet. Isn't it nice?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Furniture and Sandwiches

Early this morning, Mike and a friend drove to the Nashville area to pick up an entertainment center he purchased on Ebay. The previous owner bought it for $1500. Mike got it for $105 (plus $100 in gas). Not a bad deal, if we say so ourselves. It is really nice. The television is behind doors and can be closed off. The doors slide back when opened so they won't get in the way. The stereo equipment is behind a glass door that doesn't come open on its own (like our other stereo cabinet). We really like it. It is also the first piece of furniture that we have bought since we were married (other than Will's bed). I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.

Andrew had his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich tonight. He didn't want to eat his baby food and didn't like the salad we had for dinner. Lately, he wants to eat whatever we are having and he wants it on the utensil I am eating on. If you try to give him something else or with a baby spoon, he turns his head and starts fussing. So, I gave him his first PB&J sandwich. He LOVED it!! I started with only a half but he made quick work of it. So, I had to make him another one. Of course, he loves most anything if we are eating it. Afterwards, he ate some of Mike's Oreo cookies. You would have thought the child hadn't eaten in a week.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy Weekend

Last week, Mike bought the kids a basketball goal and finished putting it together Friday night. He and I had a little one-on-one game afterwards. I'm not very good but I did make quite a few baskets.

Saturday morning we went to Hannah's basketball game. She is doing better but still has a hard time since she is one of the smallest, and youngest, players on the team. Hannah gets out there and does her best, even if it is just running up and down the basketball court. After the game, the kids played outside. The weather was warmer than usual so they had fun on the trampoline and running around the backyard. Mike and I shot a few baskets and chased the ball into the yard. It was loads of fun.

Today brought church, a visit from one of Hannah's friends, and movies. We were told today that Andrew will move to another Sunday school class next week now that he is walking more and more. His teachers were upset because they don't want him to leave. They really love him and enjoy keeping him.

Friday, February 15, 2008


On Fridays, we like to get ice cream as a family. Tonight we went to Baskin Robbins. Will had ice cream all over his mouth but, luckily, not on his shirt this time. Hannah ate two scoops. Andrew had a little of Mama's ice cream and some of Daddy's smoothie. He couldn't decide which he liked best.

Earlier today, Andrew, Will and I went to Chuck E. Cheese with a friend and her son. The boys had fun running around and playing games. R. and I got to talk some, but it was hard to hear with all the noise. Andrew had fun walking around and trying to roll balls on the skeeball game.

Andrew is walking more and more. He gets so excited!! He walks with his hands up in the air and with a big smile on his face like he is saying, "Look at me!!!" When I figure out how to download video, I'll put some on of him walking around. I'll also try to post some pictures too.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

New Beginnings

Welcome to our blog!!! This is all new to me so please be patient as I learn.

Since we have friends and family all over the country, I thought this would be a great thing to do to keep everyone up to date with us and our happenings.

Stay tuned for more!!