Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mine Is the Night Book Review

SUMMARY:  She lost everything she loved.  He had everything she needed.  But could she find the courage to trust him?
     Stepping from a battered coach on a rainy April eve, newly widowed Elisabeth Kerr must begin again, without husband or title, property or fortune.  She is unafraid of work and gifted with a needle, but how will she stitch together the tattered remnants of her life?  And who will mend her heart, torn asunder by betrayal and deception?
     Elisabeth has not come to Selkirk alone.  Her mother-in-law, Marjory Kerr, is a woman undone, having buried her husband, her sons and any promise of grandchildren.  Dependent upon a distant cousin with meager resources, Marjory dreads the future almost as much as she regrets the past.  Yet joy still comes knocking, and kindness is found in unexpected places.
     Then a worthy hero steps forward, rekindling a spark of hope.  Will he risk his reputation to defend two women labeled as traitors to the Crown?  Or will a wealthy beauty, untainted by scandal, capture his affections?
     The heartrending journey of the Kerr women comes to a glorious finish in Mine Is the Night, a sparkling gem of redemption and restoration set in eighteenth-century Scotland.

REVIEW:  This book was awesome!!  Having read the first book, Here Burns My Candle, I wondered how the author would bring conclusion and redemption to these two characters.  I knew how the story would work out since I am very familiar with the story of Ruth and Naomi, but I wondered about the details as they pertained to Elisabeth and Marjory.  Needless to say, I was not disappointed!!  Marjory, having had servants all her life, steps up to the plate and pitches in to help her cousin Anne and Elisabeth by cooking their meals and helping keep their small place clean.  Elisabeth works very hard to help provide her herself and Marjory so they will not be a burden to Anne, who lives on a small income as a lace maker and teacher.  There were some twists and turns in the story that kept my attention.   Parts of the ending happened as I hoped but it was not all predictable and was very enjoyable.  All in all, this was an excellent book!!  You will not be disappointed at all!!

This book was provided by Waterbrook Multnomah for review without compensation.

Liz Curtis Higgs is the author of twenty-eight books with three million copies in print, including her armchair travel guide to Scotland, My Heart's in the Lowlands, and her best-selling Scottish historical novels, Thorn in My Heart, Fair Is the Rose, Christy Award-winner Whence Came a Prince, Grace in Thine Eyes, and Here Burns My Candle, the riveting prequel to Mine Is the Night.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lessons from the La-Z-Boy Book Review

Correction:  After this review was posted, the publisher decided to change the name.  It is now called A Pleasing Aroma.  I will post it again with the new cover and new title.  MBJ

SUMMARY:  Is your life characterized by fast food meals, an over-scheduled calendar, and the feeling that life has become nothing more than a blur?  If so, then you need to take a five-minute timeout, prop your feet up in your favorite recliner, and reconnect with the Lord as you read Lessons from the La-Z-Boy.  The easy-to-read devotionals are ideal for busy believers who need a spiritual boost and the encouragement of God's Word to meet the demands of their stressful lives.  With relevant scriptural applications for the challenges we all face, you will find yourself refreshed in the Lord and longing for a closer walk with Him.

REVIEW:  This book is perfect for busy believers.  The devotionals are short, packed full of everyday situations and easy to read.  Dee Dee gives the reader hope by giving incidences from her own life, letting them know they are not alone in this walk we call life.  I highly recommend this devotional to anyone and everyone.

This book was provided by the author for review without compensation.

Dee Dee Wike is a budding author whose life is firmly anchored in her relationship with the Lord and her passion for God's Word.  In addition to having written Good to the Last Drop:  Refreshing Inspiration for Homeschool Moms and Other Busy Women, Dee Dee works as a part-time software support specialist, is a full-time wife and mother, and is a freelance writer for her hometown newspaper and a regional Christian news magazine.  Happily married for nearly twenty-five years, she resides in Tennessee with her husband Steve and their two children, Chris and Joy, where she serves in the Music and Women's Ministries of Central Church.  For more information on her speaking and writing ministry, visit