Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Pictures and Dumb Blond Moment

Hannah as the catcher

Hannah at bat

Hannah's uniform shirt (the rest of her uniform hasn't come in yet). It was cool during her first game so the team wore long sleeve t-shirts under their shirts.

Will, Andrew and Hannah eating hot dogs for breakfast. The table they are sitting at was mine and my sister's while we were growing up.
Mike and I had such a good laugh over this we just had to share it. As most of you know (if you've known me for a while), I have quite a few dumb blond moments. My family often checks the roots of my hair to see if my blond roots are showing. Well, I had another moment last night and have to tell on myself. After the kids went to bed, I was unloading the swim bags. As I was hanging the suits and towels up, I noticed one suit was missing. I asked Mike where Andrew's swimsuit was. He gave me the strangest look and busted out laughing. Not understanding, I asked him again. He laughed even harder. Now I am getting really confused as to why he is in hysterics over a missing swimsuit. He reminded me that Andrew didn't swim because he was asleep in the van WITH ME!!! We both laughed hard. Pure genius must be the reason I have these. At least, it is the only explanation I am going to accept.

Update on Cooking Beans

I found the secret (or maybe y'all already knew this) to cooking dried beans in the crockpot: cook them on high. After we tried eating them Friday night, I put them back in the crockpot for a few more hours on low. They were still hard when I turned them off. The next morning, I put them back in the crockpot on high and cooked them until dinner. Boy, where they good!! That did the trick. You would think that they would have been all mushy after cooking all day Friday and all day Saturday but they weren't. I made a note on my recipe to follow the directions and cook them on high, even if they cook all day. Silly me!!

I have some pictures I took of the kids this weekend. After I get them downloaded from my camera, I will post them here on the blog. Make sure you check back later today to see them. The kids are cute, if I say so myself.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Long Day

We have had a really long day. Last night, Hannah went to a sleepover birthday party. I picked her up this morning around 9:15-9:30. She seemed upset and I asked her why. She was the first to leave and she didn't want to go. She was having a great time. After getting her, we went back to the house to get the boys and headed to church. Service was great!! For lunch, we went to my favorite restaurant, Carrabba's. Of course, we had the zucchini. The kids did really good but started acting out a little before we left. I could tell they were getting bored (plus Hannah and Andrew were tired). We then went to the YMCA to swim. Andrew had fallen asleep in the van so I stayed with him while Mike took the other two in. They said they had a ball. Of course, they're my water babies. Andrew woke up while we were on our way back to church.

Mike and I attended a Godly Parenting conference and the kids went childcare. The kids had pizza for dinner, played games and colored. The conference was great. If you get the chance to hear Art Murphy (or read his books), I would highly recommend it. Andrew fell asleep on the way home but was up and ready to go once it was time for bed. I got him settled down a little then put him in his crib. He wasn't too happy at first but soon settled down. Every now and then I hear him making noises and talking. Hannah and Will went to bed without any problems tonight. I think it was because it was so late (Their normal bedtime is around 8 or 8:30 p.m. Tonight they went to bed at 9.) and because they were sooo tired. Mike and I are going to relax for a bit (and find something to eat since all we had to eat was chex mix and candy) before going to bed.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Cooking Dried Beans, Children and Sleep

Tonight I tried a new recipe using a package of dried pinto beans that have been in my cabinet for a couple of months. The one and only other time I cooked dried beans they turned out okay. This time, instead of being nice and soft, they were still hard, even after cooking in the crock pot for nine hours on low. The recipe sounded good and looked easy. Maybe I should have cooked them on high. I put them back in the crock pot on low to finish cooking. Hopefully, they will be soft before I go to bed. If not, I wonder if I should let them cook all night.

In my last post, I mentioned that my kids LOVE, absolutely LOVE water. This love of the wet stuff got them into trouble yesterday. Well, you would think that after cleaning all my lower kitchen cabinets that Will might think twice before getting the hose out again. Not a chance. He was good for a little while, playing in the backyard and painting my back door with water from the dog pool. Before long, the pull of the water hose was too much for my little man and he gave in to temptation. My lawn and patio, as well as the basketball stand, were well watered. At least this time, he wasn't drenched.

Andrew, after a hard day of play yesterday, went to sleep around 7 p.m. He woke up a couple of times when we got onto the kids and when we put them to bed. At 5 a.m. (yes, you read that right), he was wide-eyed and bushy tailed. We put off getting him up out of bed until 6 but finally had to get him out of the room before he woke up Will. Mike tried rocking him, thinking he might go back to sleep but Andrew wouldn't have any of it. He was wired for sound and going full tilt. After a little while, Mike got Andrew a small bowl of Cheerios to eat. Before Mike knew it, the Cheerios were all gone. Andrew ate every last one. Mike got him a Pop-tart too and he ate half. He did take two naps instead of his usual one. I laid him down this morning around 10:30 and he slept until 12:30. He was acting sleepy this afternoon so I laid him back down about 4:30 and woke him up for dinner at 6. Since Mike and I usually go to bed really late, like between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m., these early mornings are for the birds. Let's hope this does not become a habit.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Birthday, Water Babies and Graduation

Today is Aunt Barbara's birthday (she is Mike's aunt). Happy Birthday Barbara!!! Hope it is a good one!!! We love you!!

My children LOVE the water!!! It doesn't matter what the temperature is outside, if there is water around, my bunch will find it and play in it. This afternoon Hannah and Will went outside to play while dinner was cooking. In about 10-15 minutes, they were soaked to the bone with not a dry spot on their bodies. They had gotten the water hose out and proceeded to spray each other, the dogs, the yard, the house and the mud puddles (they were made earlier today when it rained). At one point, Will was painting the back door with an old paintbrush and water. Since they had been told on numerous occasions not to play with the hose, they got in BIG trouble. They have been grounded from the television and computer for the rest of the week. They also were given jobs to do around the house out of our "Job Jar." (The Job Jar is full of jobs that I would like to have done but don't have either the time or gumption to do them.) Hannah had to clean all the door frames in the house (there are over fourteen). Will is suppose to be wiping down the kitchen cabinets but is instead lying on the floor. He wants someone in the room with him while he cleans. The Job Jar is suppose to be a deterrent or punishment. Instead, my kids ask me if they can do a job from the Job Jar and get excited when I give them one. Only my bunch!!! The best part is the jobs I don't want to do (like cleaning out the garbage container) get taken care of and the kids love it.

On an exciting note, there are two upcoming graduations I want to mention. The first is Will's. He graduates Preschool on May 13. He will get to wear a cap and gown and get his little diploma. Since Kindergarten is part of the Elementary schools here, they don't have graduation ceremonies any more. So, this is a big deal for us and Will. The second graduation is Nicole Link's. She graduates from Christopher Newport University this May with her Bachelor's Degree in History as Magna Cum Laude. Way to go Nicole!!!! That is awesome!!! Nicole's mom, Stacy, and I have been friends for many, many years. I remember when Nicole was about three or four. Now she is all grown up. My how the time flies!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rich's birthday

Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law Rich. Hope you have a good one!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Diamond Dolls Win!

Hannah's team, the Diamond Dolls, won their first game tonight. The score was 12-0. I thought the other team had at least two runs but the scorekeeper said no. Hannah struck out her first two times at bat. The last time she got a hit and ran as far as second base. A couple of batters later, she got to run home. I missed her last chance to bat and almost missed her run home from third. Will was in the bathroom. While I was waiting, I looked up and saw Hannah on third. When I left, she was in the dugout and didn't even look ready to bat. I missed her hit and run to second and to third but I got to see the most important one. Mike had to miss this game. His softball game starts at 9:00 p.m. so he stayed at work.

Tomorrow, Hannah has a game at 6 p.m. on one field close to home while Will plays at 6:45 p.m. at a complete different set of fields. This is the last of the games this week. Next Tuesday they each play at 6 and 6:45 again.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hannah's First Game

Hannah had her first coach-pitch softball game last night. I had to miss the first part because her game and Will's game overlapped. She did a good job last night. I saw her when she got to bat. The first time Hannah hit a foul. Her next two swings were strikes. When it was her team's time to play in outfield, she was in the Shortstop position. The other team won 8-2 but Hannah's team was great. They did a good job with it being their first game and not having many practices due to all the rain we've had. Mike was suppose to take pictures but I haven't had a chance to check the camera. I'll try to download them and post them later. Thursday night she has a game and Will has practice at the same time on different fields. I'll try to take some pictures as Mike will take Will to practice while I get to watch Hannah.

Will's team did a good job last night, also. Will was being a mess before the game even got started. He knocked off the hat of one of his teammates, who then gave Will a shove. Will shoved the other little boy back, pushing him down. Then, during the game, he was kicking dirt on some of the other players. But, in his defense, some of his teammates were doing the same thing too. Boys will be boys, won't they?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Joan

Today is my step-mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Joan!!
Have a great one!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


This past weekend there was a large consignment sale in the area. I decided to give them some of my old maternity clothes, some clothes of Hannah's and baby equipment Andrew could no longer use. I made over $64. Easy money!! This coming weekend, there is another consignment sale. I am going to try to sale the rest of my maternity clothes, plus some more of Hannah's old clothes. They are only accepting Spring/Summer items so I don't have anything of the boys' clothes to sale. Andrew gets most of Will's things. The clothes Andrew wore last spring and summer were given to a friend for their new baby. I hope to do as well if not better this weekend. If I do, I might have to consign again in the fall.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Thrill of Victory and The Agony of Defeat

Will in his uniform. Isn't he cute?!

Will is #25. He is chasing after the ball. Most of the time he liked to play in the dirt.

Andrew in his sock drawer.

The kids playing in Will and Andrew's room before bed.

The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. That is how I felt Monday night after the game. My Tigers lost the National Championship Game to Kansas. But, they put up a good fight and didn't give the game away. They are still Number 1 in my book.

Will played his first T-ball game last night. They played the Braves. Both teams were cute as they all tried to chase the ball and running all over the field instead of to the bases. One little boy on Will's team hit the ball. Instead of following the line to First Base, he followed the line to the pitcher's mound and ran straight to second base. Later, a boy on the other team ran into the outfield chasing after the ball instead of running the bases. They were hilarious. I took some video of Will's first time at bat and running to first base. Later, I took some video of his first time to run to home plate. If I ever get time to figure out how to post video, I will do so.

Hannah's first game will be next Tuesday. I'll take some pictures and post them sometime next week. Both kids play ball next Tuesday: one at 6:45 and one at 7:30 at different ball fields. What fun, what fun.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Go Tigers Go!!!!!

Our U of M Tigers are playing Kansas for the National Championship tonight!!!! Everywhere you look, you see Tiger blue and gray with a little bit of orange: shirts, hats, flags, jackets, etc. I never knew the U of M had that many supporters. The crossing guard at Hannah's school has been wearing her Tiger blue and directing traffic with her U of M pom-poms. It is awesome! Good Luck Tigers!!! You can do it!!!

Mike's softball game tonight has been cancelled due to the big game. In fact, all the games scheduled for night in his league have been cancelled. Isn't that a hoot?! It's a good thing too because now Mike can watch the game and I don't have to try to tape it for him. I have been leery about watching the Tigers play because I don't want to jinx them. Plus, if I do watch it, I wouldn't want to spoil it for him by telling him how the game ends.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rain and Baseball

2007 ended with a deficit in rainfall of around 60 inches. We are making up for it now. In the month of March alone, our area has had 10 inches of rain. It has rained just about every day so far in April. This weekend the weathermen say it will be sunny until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. My kids won't know what to do with it sunny outside. But, if they want to play in the backyard, they will need their swim gear.

Because of all the wet weather, Mike, Hannah and Will have missed some practices and games. Hopefully, everything will dry out soon so the kids' teams can get some practicing done before their games start. Hannah is on the Diamond Dolls and will be playing coach pitch softball. Will is playing for the Giants in the T-ball league. Mike is playing for our church on Monday nights. Hannah and Will have never played baseball (softball) before. Mike has played for a few years on our church league. Unfortunately, because of the kids' school, the kids and I won't be able to make one of Mike's games until the end of May. Good thing his games end the 9th of June. Maybe we can get to at least one of them.