Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Her Brother's Keeper Book Review

An Amish Secrets Novel

SUMMARY:  Charlotte came to Amish country to find answers.  What she never expected to find was peace.
     Charlotte Dolinsky is not above playing dress-up and telling a few lies to find out what happened to her only brother.  In face, that is exactly what she's come to Lancaster County to do.  Now, calling herself Mary and slipping on a kapp, Charlotte will lie hr way into the confidence of anyone who knows why Ethan had to die.  Unless she get found out first.
     But when Charlotte befriends a quiet Amish man named Isaac Miller, she begins to rethink her motives.  And with a little help from a friend back home, Charlotte might find out that love comes packaged in ways she couldn't have foreseen.
      Isaac's been caring for his cancer-stricken father and sympathizing with his frustrated mother for three difficult years.  And that means he hasn't been dating.  He believes Hannah King is the woman for him, but Hannah is stil grieving the loss of her fiance', and Isaac has all he can handle on the farm.  When Hannah's family plays host to a woman named Mary, their new cousin shakes things up for all of them.
     As Charlotte digs deeper into the mystery of Ethan's death, she finds more than she'd bargained for in the community he once called home.  But will she ever learn the truth?  And what will the community - and her new family - do if they learn the truth about her?

 REVIEW:  I have mixed feelings about this book.  Charlotte/Mary wants to know why her brother killed himself.  Because he was living with the Amish at the time and knowing how tight-lipped they are with outsiders, she felt she had lie to get this information.  I don't like the idea of her pretending to be Amish and lying to the family.  There are other ways of getting answers.  I kind of understood why Charlotte/Mary did what she did when I read how she reacted to the family after her brother's death.  She was not very nice, AT ALL, made demands on them through her lawyers, and didn't take into consideration their thoughts and feelings.  But, two wrongs still doesn't make it right.  
     Now, there were a few things I liked about this book.  The ending was different but nice.  I like how even though the family rejected her after the truth came out, Charlotte/Mary still opened her heart and her home to them when sickness brings Hannah's mother to Texas and how the Kings were slowly opening their hearts to her.  I also liked how Charlotte/Mary started understanding faith better as she lived with the Kings.  Her new-found faith was still growing even after she came home.
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Beth Wiseman, an award-winning bestselling author, is best known for her Amish novels, but her most recent novels, Need You Now and The House that Love Built, are contemporaries set in small Texas towns.  Both have received glowing reviews.  Beth's The Promise is inspired by a true story.

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