Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Lost Scroll Book Review

SUMMARY:  Can a 2,000-year-old manuscript change the course of the world?
     Does a scroll written by Joseph - the earthly father of Jesus - reveal evidence that Christ's birth was not divine?
     History professor Jefferson Burke is skeptical, but his intellectual curiosity and a murder charge force him into a dramatic chase that tests his body, mind, and heart.  The former-college-athlete-turned-college-professor is dogged every step of the way by billionaire Bruno Krueger, whose ultimate desire is to destroy the nation of Israel.  And Krueger is sure the scroll is the key.
     In this battle of good versus evil, Burke finds a remarkable ally in FBI agent Lisa Marie Cho.  Their life-or-death trek takes them from an Illinois prairie to an ancient monastery in war-torn Afghanistan.  As Burke and Cho dodge bullets, they unravel a myriad of clues that date back to the beginning of Christianity, linking a long-dead monk, King Henry VIII, Thomas Jefferson, and Adolph Hitler to the words written by a first-century carpenter - words the Vatican feels might transform the Christian faith from a religion to a philosophy.
     Will these words that the ancient church tried to destroy, Thomas Jefferson once hid, and Hitler wanted to reveal change your view of the Christian faith?  You won't know until you've turned the final page!

REVIEW:  This book is like Indiana Jones meets Robert Langdon (from The Da Vinci Code) meets Jonathan Weber (from The Constantine Codex).  Action, suspense, mystery, and history (plus a little romance) - this book has it all.  The chapters are short but they are packed full.  The story moves quickly but not too fast so the reader doesn't get lost.  The author keeps the reader in suspense until the very last page about the contents of the mysterious scroll (and it is SO worth it!).  This is a great book.  I would recommend this for anyone and everyone!!

This book was provided by Zondervan for review without compensation.

Ace Collins is the author of more than sixty books, including several best-sellers:  Stories behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas, Stories behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, The Cathedrals, and Lassie: A Dog's Life.  Based in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, he continues to publish several new titles each year, including a series of novels, the first book of which is Farraday Road.  Ace has appeared on scores of television shows and networks, including CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, CNN, Good Morning America, The History Channel, A&E, and Entertainment Tonight.

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