Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

All's Quiet on the Southern Front

This weekend has been great and quiet so far.  It is the first weekend in about two months we haven't had basketball games to go to.  The kids played their last games last Saturday and their Awards Ceremony was last night.  Of course, the kids were up early (even though they didn't have to be) so I made scrambled eggs, bacon and toast for breakfast.  Usually I make a big breakfast on Saturday mornings but, because of basketball, I haven't been able to for a while.  In fact, the last time I made a big breakfast for the family was pancakes about two weeks ago, and I was able to do that before school one morning.  Tonight, Mike is taking Hannah and Will to the hockey game with some of the other Dads at our church.  Andrew and I get to hang out together and enjoy ourselves. 

Last Friday was Grandparents' Day at Will's school.  Mom called him that morning and gave him a suggestion.  Since she wasn't feeling well, she asked Will if it would be okay if she missed going to school with him.  Instead, she would take him out to eat anywhere he wanted to go Saturday after his ball game.  Will agreed with the plan.  So, Saturday he got dressed up and Mom picked him up for their date.  His first choice was Chuck E. Cheese's but when they arrived, they found out there was an hour and a half wait just to get a table.  So, Will's second choice was Texas Roadhouse.  He had received a coupon for a free kids meal with his last report card and was begging to use it.  He and Mom had a great time and he felt like a big boy.  Mom let him order anything he wanted, including dessert, and eat all the peanuts he wanted, too.  Afterwards, they went back to Mom's house and Will played by himself (without any other kids competing with him) for a couple of hours.  When he came home, it's all he could talk about.  In fact, the other day we were getting ready to sit down at the kitchen table and he mentioned how much fun he had and the food he ate too.  I'm glad he had a great time.  Mom wants to do it again with one of the others soon.  I know they will enjoy themselves.

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