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whom shall I fear?
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Every Bride Needs A Groom Book Review

Brides with Style Series
Book One

SUMMARY:  Somewhere in a sea of tulle and taffeta, satin and crepe, Katie Fisher needs to find a key ingredient of the perfect wedding - the groom.
     Small-town girl Katie Fisher is busy planning her fairy-tale wedding.  Sure, her boyfriend hasn't managed to pop the question just yet, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't enter a contest in Texas Bride magazine to win the dress of her dreams, right?  Anyway, she's sure he'll be getting down on one knee any time now.  And a one-of-a-kind designer dress doesn't just fall out of the sky right when you need it.
     But when Katie's boyfriend takes a job in another town and breaks up with her - on the very same day she wins her dream dress - her world is turned upside down.  Dare she go to Dallas to claim her prize?  And will the hunky pro basketball player who runs the beyond-swanky bridal shop - yeah, you read that right - discover her humiliating secret if she does?

REVIEW:  This is the first book in Janice Thompson's newest series, Brides with Style.  Having read all the book in her last series, Wedding by Design, and loving all of them, I was anxious to read this one.  Since Katie and Casey have been an item since they were about twelve-years-old and high school sweethearts, Katie always assumed they would be together forever.  So I understood why she signed up for the contest for the dream wedding dress. I like how Katie handled herself after the breakup and with wanting to come forth with the news of her non-engagement straight away.  Even though others made the decision for her to keep quiet for the time being, I like how she had, and kept, the desire to speak up and, when given the opportunity, she told the full truth.  Aunt Alva was a very enjoyable character, so I was glad when Katie stood up for her and with her when Alva came back to Fairfield after being gone a very long time.  Another thing I liked in the book was once Katie's dad decided to get out of his "rut" and really live life, how it affected the whole family in a positive way. 
     There were times, though, when the other characters kept talking about Katie, her engagement to Casey, and her relationship with Brady and making assumptions that were totally wrong, without letting her speak up that I just wanted to yell out for everyone to shut-up and let Katie speak.  Once the truth came out, that feeling went away and the story became more enjoyable.
     If you are looking for a book (or series) that is true-to-life and makes you laugh, chuckle or snort, this book is for you. This author's characters seem like they live next door and are so much fun.  Can't wait to read more in this series.

This book was provided by Revell for review without compensation.

Janice Thompson is a seasoned romance author and screenwriter.  An expert at pulling the humor from the situations we get ourselves into, Thompson offers an inside look at the wedding business, drawing on her own experiences as a wedding planner.  She is the author of the hugely popular Weddings by Bella series, the Backstage Pass series, and the Weddings by Design series.  She lives in Texas.  Learn more at  

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