Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Journey to Christmas Video Series Review

SUMMARY:  Follow the journey of five diverse people as they experience the Holy Land for the first time. Their goal? To discover . .

     Guided by local Bible scholar Nizar Shaheen, you will see Jesus' birth unfold through the eyes of each member on this real-life pilgrimage as they search for answers to their questions about the Nativity account.  Through solid Bible teaching, stunning scenery, and a reality show format, you'll witness the spiritual transformation of the travelers - and maybe experience it yourself - as they travel the perilous paths that Mary and Joseph would have taken.
     Featuring commentary from Bible experts Hugh Ross, Paul Maier, Craig Evans, Claire Pfann, and Stephen Pfann.
     Includes a four-session study with discussion material and tools (in PDF format) for promoting your event.  Perfect for Advent, small groups and church events.

REVIEW:   This video series was interesting.  It is not for children.  They would become bored very quickly and would not be interested in the historical, biblical, and geographic information that help these five people in their journey.  There are four sessions, each one approximately 45 minutes long.
     Five strangers from varied backgrounds and for different reasons spend a few weeks in the Holy Land at Christmas time trying to find the true meaning of Christmas while experiencing the sights where Jesus was born, lived and died.  They experience living in a Bedouin tent during a brutal sandstorm like the Wise Men did; participate in daily activities Mary and Joseph would have done as they explored Nazareth; and traveled part of the difficult route Jesus' parents would have taken on their way to Bethlehem.
     The stories of the participants were not neatly tied up with a bow at the end of the series.  Some did not find everything they were looking for; other had their faiths strengthened and their lives were changed because of this journey.  Most felt that Christmas has become everything Jesus taught against and that everyone was caught up in all the hoopla.  We have lost our focus on the true reason for the season.
     I loved seeing the different places and hearing about individuals involved in the Christmas story.  I think it would be perfect for a Sunday school class, a bible study group, or someone wanting more from Christmas.

This video series was provided by Tyndale House Publishers for review without compensation.

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