Psalm 27:1

The Lord is my light and my salvation—
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—
of whom shall I be afraid?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finding Good Deals

Don't you love it when you find a deal on something you use regularly?  I know I do.  Earlier this week, I was going through the sales circulars just to see what they had.  I usually just glance through them unless something catches my eye.  This week I saw Family Dollar had their Cover Girl foundation on sale for $5 and their CG mascara for $4.25.  Since I was getting low on those two items, I filed it away in my memory bank to check out later.  Most of the time when I see a sales ad for a low price, Wal-Mart's regular price is the same or cheaper.  You also have to watch the ads closely.  If they have a specific product listed, Wal-Mart will only let you get that product for the sale price.  The Family Dollar ad just had CG mascara with no specific type.  YEAH!!!  Last night while out grocery shopping, I stopped by the make-up display.  Their CG foundation was regularly over $6 and the mascara I like was over $5.  The ad was at home so I went back this morning and got my deals!!!  I think I am going to go back and get another mascara.  Another one I like to use is over $7 so maybe I can get it for $4.25.      ;-)

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